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The BioTester is an ECG simulator, respiration simulator and a stimulator tester. In addition, Sine, Triangle and Pulse waveforms are included. There are 18 ECG arrhythmia waveforms for testing interpretative ECG recorders. The BioTester is typically used by biomedical personnel for servicing medical equipment, and by medical staff for training purposes.


The BioTester was designed several years ago in a Biomedical lab which had only one ECG simulator but 5 biomedical engineers. This simulator was in constant use, and if the power switch was left on, the battery would go flat in less than 2 days. The BioTester was the solution, and incorporates many other innovations.


The BioTester offers the following features:

· Auto Power off after 4 minutes of no action (adjustable)

· LCD screen—other units start at $1500 for a screen

· Variable pulse rate from 10 to 250BPM in 1BPM increments

· Variable respiration rate and respiration ohm range in 0.1Ohms from 0.1 to 10.0 ohms

· Unique operator ID which can be programmed to show on startup screen

· Back lit LCD display

· Pulse beep—optional on or off

· Adjustable low Battery level

· Dual Stimulator tester with ms period and mA readings


The BioTester is the ONLY patient simulator currently that can measure stimulators.

Other simulators offer 4 ranges only for the pulse rate, no screen and no power off feature. Foreign-made simulators usually incur a 30-50% markup as well as up to $100 freight. The BioTester was designed by a biomedical test engineer specifically for other biomedical test engineers, and is proudly 100% Australian made.

The BioTester is an indispensible tool for testing medical equipment, checking ecg recorders and monitors, testing multi-parameter monitors and stimulators.


Download the latest manual here.





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