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Applications: Climbing, Running, Swimming



The speed racer is to time two competitors in a race accurate to 0.01 secs. The timer also has the ability to time a solo competitor.  The display is easily visible from 10m, and the speed racer has an internal beeper.




Three buttons are provided.  In a normal situation, the reset button will start both timers.  When a competitor presses the stop button, the display will show the elapsed time in the same color as the stop button that was pressed, and then alternate between the running time and the elapsed time.  Pressing and holding the reset button will stop the timer and reset all times, and set the display to show “Ready”.  If there is a solo competitor, pressing the green or red buttons will start only the single race timer which is also stopped by the same button. 



The timer will measure:

· up to 99.99 secs accurate to +-0.01 secs

· up to 999.9 secs accurate to +-0.1 secs (16 mins 39.9 secs)

· up to 9999 secs accurate to +-1s (2 hrs 46 mins 39 secs)



Speed racer, plug pack, manual, two push switches and 3 month warranty (return postage paid)





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