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The Easybeat Vital Signs Monitor is the essential monitor for a veterinary clinic with 7 vital functions:

Other features include a battery for portable use, auto power off feature and low battery indication.

The Easybeat DB10-4800 is now owned by a partnership between Stirling Rock International Pty Ltd and Bloodline.  Originally designed in 1998, an Australian DesignMark under the Software Electronics Design category was awarded to the Easybeat in 2000.  Over the last eight years, many improvements and features have been added to make the Easybeat the very stable product now being produced.  To check your Easybeat has the latest upgrades, check out the low service fee and maintenance contract which includes all hardware and software upgrades.

This partnership aims to provide support at the lowest price to keep our vets happy, and when it comes to service and support we will compromise on everything except for quality.  More information available from Vetsens





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