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The Eprom Emulator will emulate Eprom from 27c256 to 27c512.  Other Eprom will be supported on request.  Capability is up to 27C040.

The Eprom Emulator software runs using the “Emul2.exe” program.  The program is a DOS program and is designed to run under Windows95 and Windows98 using the parallel, however, will not run under WindowsNT or Windows2000 unless a parallel port enabler program such as DirectIO is also run.

The program may be run by typing Emul2, but first type Emul2? to print out the help screen.

V1.08 HELP: emul2 –b –c –f=fn –s=xxx –pxxx –t where

-b = binary mode

-c = command line mode

-d = delay = > time delay

-f=fn = > program start address in hex

-s = xxxx = > start address

-t = > databits 5,6 twisted

-v = > verify

-w = > write binary

A typical command would be:

Emul2 –c –f=filename. hex –p=000 –v


Emulator Software v1.08 156kB DOWNLOAD NOW>> EMUL2.EXE



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